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    Just found this site and with a bit of zooming out and heading east I am recording my runs in Dublin, Ireland. This is a great site and actually inspires boys who like gadgets and stats to keep going. Thanks

      Right on, sdrhodes! This site definitely helps me get out there on the trails more often. For some reason, it's really satisfying to map my runs after I get back! How is Dublin as a running city? Have you ever participated in the Dublin Marathon (ran it, watched it, whatever)? Any impressions? Would you recommend that one or a different one for someone who wants to take a marathon vacation to Ireland?

        A bit like myself! Only just found this site, but I like the idea of logging stuff. Its great motivation to get out at nights and run like a demented lunatic around the roads of Tipperary.

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          Welcome! Ireland looks like a great place to run--never gets super hot or super cold there, right? I could be very happy someplace like that (I left a piece of my heart in Scotland).

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            Welcome, sdrhodes! Smile
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