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    I am a mostly recreational runner, but lately have been getting into running races and want to build up my mileage. I've run two half marathons, and one marathon. (Ironically I ran the marathon first). After my last race about a month ago and my subsequent running I've noticed I'm dragging and I seem to have plateaued. I know some of this is the need for more specific training, but I feel like my diet is starting to get in the way of improvement. However, this is probably the most confusing part of running for me, I don't even know where to start or what questions to be asking and was hoping you all could help me out.


      When my runs got longer than 10 miles and/or my weekly mileage is > XX, I had to actually pay attention to hydration and sleep.  When I ramped up further, I had to pay attention to recovery food (mix of what I ate right after runs) and when I hit really high mileage it all started to count.  Less processed, more fruits and veggies etc.

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        This topic has been covered a lot. This is a good thread. http://www.runningahead.com/forums/topic/61937718e6a64917b716e08a2704342f/0


        You can google for a lot of nutrition/calorie info and use th search function here on RA. Globule posts some good links in the above thread to help you calculate your calorie needs relative to your exercise. Then it's trial and error. 



          Thanks I'll check it out.


            Regarding calories, EGH3's link is quite interesting. I myself keep a diet log to keep track of micronutrients.

            Regarding macronutrients ratios: steer clear from the low carb folks and paleos. Yes, some people can thrive on weird diets but on one side this does not apply to everybody and on the other hand we don't know if the very guy who is writing today about how the paleo-low carb thingy improved his sex life and lowered his mortgage is not dead sick or injured the day after writing. High protein might be good for bodybuilders but we runners need carbs.

            Keep your diet balanced and eat much healthy stuff as possible. It varies greatly among individuals, but it should be the same proportions any average person needs.

            You may however want to make some small adjustments during preface weeks and heavy trainig days increasing the amount of carbs and reducing protein. Protein costs more energy to digest than carbs and you will feel sluggish.

            Increase the amount of protein on other days to allow muscle rebuilding.

            Make a smart I've of fats taking nuts and raw olive oil which have tons of Omega-3 fatty acids (and without all the toxins of fish).

            Beer is excellent, be it alcohol free or the real stuff. I would avoid the real one before races because alcohol dehydrates a lot.

            Red beet juice is awesome, so awesome that some call it "vegetable EPO"... Studies show a significant increase in performance in athletes drinking half a liter per day (that's two normal glasses).


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