2022 Boston Marathon Thread (Read 173 times)


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    I'm running Boston this year and for the first time I'm closer to Hopkinton than Boston -- I know some people on here are locals and I'm wondering if anyone has experience being dropped off in Hopkinton (at 52 state st or the state park) as opposed to taking the shuttle busses from the common? Specifically what time would you recommend arriving in Hopkinton to make sure we get to the wave 1 start on time? Any experience with how bad traffic is on race day coming from rt. 2/495? I should have asked at the expo but I kind of just forgot how much bigger and logistically complex this race is than all of the other races I do.


    Hope everyone has a good race! Weather is looking amazing!


    In case anyone is looking to get dropped off in Hopkinton next year: We were aiming to get to 52 South street around 8:15 and got to the lot around 8:25. Most of the traffic was after we left the highway and we had to wait at some very backed up lights, and then to turn into the parking lot for drop off (drop off along the road is not allowed). We were able to go to a portaporty there (basically no line) and get on the busses pretty much immediately. It was then about 15-20 mins to the athletes village. We made it there just around 9am I think and were able to get through a second portapotty line before they released wave 1 to the start. So if you're in wave 1 (10:00am start) 8-8:15am is a good time to try to get to Hopkinton. My friend who was in wave 3 (10:50am start) was aiming to get there around 9-9:15am she also made it on time. (But the common busses are really best)


    Personally, I had my best Boston time and only my second worst sun burn, so I would say overall it was a good day.



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