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    I had a microdiscectomy (back surgery) in February.  Prior to the surgery, my light leg was really dragging when I ran since the pain was from the buttock to the calf.  I am now back to running full speed (ran a sub 19 5K in May) and myself and others have noticed my right foot is turning inward when I run.  Sometimes my right inside ankle hurts a little and I think this might be the cause.  Currently I am wearing the Mizuno Alchemy and the Elixir.   It seems my right foot is really overpronating, but the left one seems fine.  I have also noticed my big toes are sometimes sore so could be on both feet but just worse on the right.  The problem might go away as I do strengthening exercises or if I can consciously make my foot not do this.  If anyone has any ideas let me know.  I really don't want to permanently change my shoes, but maybe for longer runs I need a shoe to correct overpronation?



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      I have been having exactly the same problem, leaving me benched at the beginning of the season with tendonitis in my arch nd inner ankle.  Unfortunately, I am not really aure what to do for it.  My trainer told me that arch supports would do wonders for me and to work on felxibility in my gastroch.