How long does it take you to warm up? (Read 569 times)

    It takes me 1-3 miles to warm-up.


      I would say 1-2 miles for me to get really warmed up

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        Before a race, at least 3 miles, including some dynamic stretching, building to some race pace sections 10 minutes before.


        For a regular run, probably 2 miles before I know how I'm gonna feel.  When doing higher mileage, sometimes 4 miles to hit pace.


        Before speed intervals, at least two miles of easy running and stretches.



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          20 minutes


          Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.

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            It takes me around 3-4 miles for my asthma to leave me alone and my legs to feel warmed enough for speed.



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              I will do three to five miles warmup for short races (10 k or less)  and a couple miles for races longer than 10 up to 25k or so.  I won't warm up for a marathon, let the first mile be the warmup.  In a half marathon today i found another benefit of a warm up.  I ran the Red Whit and Boom Half Marathon in Minneapolis and at the start the lines for the portapotties were infinitely long. I ran my couple mile warmup and I found a collection of portapotties about a half mile from the start that were set up for some other event taking place in the park this afternoon no lines , nobody else there.  I can't pass a vacant portapotty on a warm up run without putting it to use.

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                This has been an interesting thread to read, because I realize that I don't know.


                I run about an hour after breakfast, and I do some exercises (push ups, crunches, stretches) before breakfast, so it's not as though I start out first thing.

                It takes about a half mile for me not to feel chilly if I don't over dress for the temperature.

                I live in a rural area, pleasant to run (if there's no snow or ice on the road), but hilly. By the end of two miles I've run up three pretty noticeable hills. After the first 1/4 mile I'm running up hill. The end of the first mile is  downhill, and it feels easier, but then there's another uphill -- you get the idea. The fourth mile tends to feel easy, but then it's the stretch where there's the least amount of slope. My long runs just feature longer hills.


                I've thought about this on several runs, and I really can't get a sense of when I'm warmed up.



                Pedro P Sousa

                  Depends somewhat, but no less than 20 minutes. I feel that speedwork, namely intervals, benefits from a longer (think at least 30 minutes) warmup, and similarly there are days when I feel I can settle into a fast tempo pace only after about 40 minutes.

                  I would tend to think that it depends on your training pattern too (average length of run, for instance) but I am only guessing.


                    At the beginning of every marathon, I know I'm going to feel lousy for the first 3 miles until I settle into race pace.  This has the side benefit of allowing me to use those miles to do MP + 20-30; MP + 10-15; and MP +5 which helps keep me under control at the start.


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                      My sweet spot seems to be between 5-16kms.  Before then I really haven't 'relaxed' in to the run, and after it starts to require a little effort.

                      I rarely have to dig deep until after around 16-20 miles.

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                        For me, I am generally very stiff for the first mile, then speed up a "little" during the second mile. On an average day, I am usually ready to perform at this point. On a bad day, it may take 4-5 miles.

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                          When I was a kid (as in pretty much any age under 30), I could jog a mile or two and be good to go at a really fast pace, now that I'm in my late 50s it takes me an easy three to five miles to warm up; sometimes even more.

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                          • 10K (first 10K of my Half Marathon): 48:16
                          • 10-Mile (first 10 miles of my Half Marathon): 1:17:40
                          • Half Marathon: 1:42:13

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                            about 2 miles, maybe 3 on colder day.


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                            FULL - 4:41:12 on 1-11-2015


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                              2-3 miles.

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                                Usually 2 to 3 miles. If by mile 2, my pace to effort level isn't improving, it's not going to be a good day for quality.