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    Did my first half yesterday. MDI Half in Bar Harbor Maine. I was terrified because everyone kept telling me how "challenging " it was. Ran with my husband and planned to leave him about mile 8 but we were having such a good time I stayed with him. We finished in 2:07:56. Had a great time and was no where near as hard as I imagined. The best part was I passed and beat the woman who always comes in just ahead of me in all the local 5k's. I know I could have done it faster but sometimes it's better to have fun. That's what I tell my kid's when they play sports. They say "we lost" I say but did you have fun? They say yes and I say that's all that matters. Now I am officially addicted.

      What a great race experience!! So cool that you and your husband ran together. I teach, and always have to explain to my students that no, I didn't win the marathon I ran ... and no, I didn't come in second ... Big grin but what it's all about is having a good time. Sarah
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        Congratulations, Lisa! I've always heard that IS a challenging half, so you did great. That's neat you ran with your husband.


          Congratulations! (By the way, I notice that you haven't joined the Maine Runnah Group yet.)

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            Congrats! I'm glad you had a fun time - and pulled out a decent time as well!

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              Great job on the half!You have a great attitude about it-- having fun is the whole purpose. Chris

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