Quick poll-- Old running shoes (Read 1128 times)



    Throw them in the hall closet until they are piled high, then take a bagful of them to the next race expo that has a collection bin.


      Any other people have responses?

        i eat them with some fava beans and a nice Chianti *SCHLURP!*

        My leg won't stop mooing.


        i think i've got a calf injury.


          Any other people have responses?


          Are you sending everyone private messages on this subject?

          If yes, Why?

          If no, Why me?


          My "retired" running shoes turn into regular everyday walking shoes.  From there they "graduate" to being yard/mud shoes.  When I'm done with them, there's not much left to them.  (I like the idea of tossing an old pair in the car/truck for emergency use and I'm going to start that too!)


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            By the time I'm done with them, I'm nearly barefoot so I s-can them.

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