Back after (back) surgery but with a heavy heart,I lost my Rowdy (dog) (Read 160 times)


    Well its been six months and I finally got the go ahead from my Dr. to resume running. This was the third one for me, its been a long six months, I was actually sneaking in a couple of miles here and there to keep my sanity.
    So, I have ran a couple of four milers and did pretty good I think. Now I have six (maybe eight) screws in my back, oh well whats a couple more right?
    The real reason I am writing today though is this, I lost my beloved Akita two weeks ago yesterday, he was just ten but has been suffering from seizures the last two years. I am totally devastated. He was my best friend, my confidante and sometimes the reason I got up in the morning. MDH got him for me just before we lost our son, he didn't care what I looked like, he didn't care how much I cried, when everyone else thought it was time I moved on.  I am NOT saying my family wasn't there for me because they were, but my baby dog, didn't say " get through this, tomorrow will be better, things happen for a reason or how are you doing". He knew I wasn't doing. He knew I had a heavy heart, and I think he gave his all to me.

    I will miss you my Rowd. I miss your snoring beside my bed, I miss you asking for your ice cream before bed, meeting me at the door, letting me sleep in and holding it however long you needed to. I miss our early morning walks, I miss that little run around the house you used to do, you asking for just one bite of that pizza you knew you couldn't have. I missed you not barking, not ever having an accident in the house. But mostly I just miss you, missing your hugs you used to give me when I was laying on the couch,  your big black neck that I hung on to so many times. Your dark understanding eyes. Your gentle soul. And I hope we will be together again.

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      So pleased to hear that your back surgery was a success and you are able to run, again.


      So very sad to hear of your loss.  Losing a pet can hurt like so few other things…especially when that pet was so extraordinarily wonderful, as it sounds like Rowdy was.  I'm sad for that hole left in your heart with his passing.

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        I'm sorry to hear about you losing your Rowdy.  It sounds like he was a very important part of your life.

        - Joe

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          so so very sorry.   reading through your words was very difficult for me as it reminded me of my good friend Sir Skye who passed away 2 yrs ago at 14.  He lived a good & very long life for a collie.  Life of course does go on but I miss him daily just as you miss Rowdy.


            Thank u all.

            I read somewhere on a post where someonehad lost their sick dog, that their (dog) pain had ended

            But now her pain was just starting.

            How true, thank u for all your kind words. Its just getting used to the emptiness that is so hard.

            He was just such a big part of our lives.

            Oh roo roooo!

              It's so hard to lose a dog friend.  I've been there too and it's tough.  You might like this  https://rainbowsbridge.com/poem.htm .


              When you're ready, you may want to look into adopting another pal from a shelter and giving to him the love that you received from your Akita.  We just pass that love back and forth, us and the dogs...they are the best creatures on earth!

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                So sorry to hear about Rowdy, been there.

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                  You wrote such a nice tribute to Rowdy.  He must have been such a dear friend.

                  Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.


                    Thank you all so very, very much. He was a beautiful animal, very special. I am actually thinking of adopting, I was going to get another puppy, I love the Akita breed, but if they are not raised around children and other animals they can be a challenge. We still have one furbaby I have really tried to make him a house dog, but he won't have it. They all have their own personalities that's for sure. It's just so different here now. You don't realize how much you devote yourself to them until their gone.

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                      Glad to hear you're back running.  Very sorry for the loss of your Akita.  Losing a pet is never easy.

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                        I am so sorry for your loss.  Our furbabies see into our hearts and feel our pain and joy.  Your words were a beautiful testament to the unconditional love he provided to you.

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                          I'm so sorry for your loss.  My dogs are the biggest part of my life.  I know how devastated you must feel.  But we are always better off having had them in our lives, no matter how much it hurts to let them go.

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                            He sounds like a wonderful dog. I'm so sorry for your loss.


                              I am so sorry for your loss.  They are truly like human members of the family, only sometimes better     I still look out every day at the praying angel statue guarding our sweet girl that we lost almost 3 years ago.  I miss her every day.

                                Very sorry to hear about your loss. Unfortunately dogs aren't meant to be on this earth as long as we are so we have to enjoy them while they are with us and remember them after they pass. All creatures belong to God, and he gives us a chance to love them, care for them, and receive their love. I believe their presence is a gift, and they are his just as we are. Losing them hurts, but in the end, love is what matters.

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