Philly Distance Run / Another shameless brag (Read 675 times)

    I am still amped from yesterday and my 2 daughters don't seem particularly impressed with the old man ...


    DW is from Philly and I used to live there so we make an annual pilgrimage ... I run this race and then we catch an Eagles game after will her HS friends -- tailgating, etc -- it's a fun day -- DW is a rabid Eagles fan.  Yesterday was literally perfect.  52 at the start ... bright blue skies ... 12,00 runners.  [Ryan Hall nudged me out for the win.]  They did a wave start which was new.  The first corral goes out with the elites.  Then they waited a full minute and walked the second corral up to the start pad ... then started the next 1,000 runners.  I would assume that they did this for the whole race.  The effect = no crowds ... no need to jockey for position -- I thought it was as great way to start especially for a larger race so that you don't get trapped in a crowd. 


    As for me ... locked myself out of the hotel room having forgotten my sunglasses about 30 minutes before the 7:45 start.  Finally got someone to let me back in the room and sprinted the mile to the start.  One of the volunteers must have seen that stressed / sick look on my face and slid me into my corral even though they appeared to be closed.  [Pay it forward.]  30 seconds later - National Anthem -- then racer start you engines -- off goes the first wave.   I suppose I got a pretty good warm-up and didn't have time to get stressed out -- too close for comfort though.


    This year my half's have been 1:38 [May / PR]]; 1:52 [Aug -- was sick and it was hot and humid] ... last year I ran this race in 1:48 [PR at the time] ... yesterday I PR'd with a 1:33:37 ... I am pretty stoked!

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      Many congratulations, man.  Maybe you should do a one-mile sprint before all your halfs!

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        Haven't seen you around much Slimbo, great to see you're still making excellent progress.  Taking fifteen minutes off your PR in a year is amazing stuff.


        Hope the conditions for Steamtown are just as good for you, the three weeks will be behind you before you know it.  Best of luck!

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          nice racin'. 


          you probably had the adreneline running.  Which I suppose could get a guy running out too quick in a long race.  Way to control your pace and run on to a huge PR. 

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            well i'm impressed! fantastic race.

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              Now if the Eagles would have won it would have been perfect.  Nice work!


                Many thanks for the props.  It's appreciated.


                Tim - Eagles loss was tough -- but Vick becomes active next week [aka -- hide your beagles cause vick's an eagle.]


                Ed - I promised the DW that I would limit my RA crack habit to early AM uploads -- just busy as well ... but I sneak the lurks now and again.  Looks like you are setting up for an Ultra.  That recent 5k was stellar ... I understand that Albany is a really fast course -- good luck!


                Doug -- maintaining my clydesdale status ... although I have been inching closer to the 200 lbs bar.  The wave start really let you feel settled into a race pace almost immediately -- talking myself out of the usual early race stupidity that has plagued me.

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                  way to go man, great time!  Damn that Ryan Hall!

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