For those of you who donated medals! Here is the slide show. :) THANK YOU!! (Read 656 times)

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    I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to those of you who donated medals for this little 5k. I was beyond impressed with your kindness, as were my siblings. Everyone thought it was SO cool that "strangers" from a running board would send medals for a kids race for someone they didn't even know.


    The race was June 9th. I think we had about 18 kids total, and their parents. I had planned a really cool finish line with a balloon arch and everything, even rented a helium tank. But it was SO windy, all the balloons along the course popped, so we nixed the arch for the finish line, knowing it wouldn't survive. But it was still awesome. 


    The kids ranged from under a year old in strollers, to 15. We made a sign, had little mini swag bags, two sag wagon bike trailers, and I designed and printed bibs on sticky shipping labels that everyone stuck on their shirts, to give our race some authenticity. Smile There was also extra cool stuff like otter pops passed out, post race snack table, and crepe paper finish tape for each kid to break as they finished. 


    You wouldn't believe how excited the kids were about their medals. They just lit up at the thought of a real medal, and they all ran their little hearts out. It was such an awesome event, and I owe a huge thanks to those of you who sent medals, on your own dollar I might add! 


    So here is the slideshow. I hope you can tell how big a part of this you guys were. The medals just made it a real race, and the kids were thrilled, and so excited that they got to take them home to hang on their walls. 


    THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate you. Smile


    Just a note- the parents that are wearing medals didn't get to keep those, we made sure all the kids got medals and the grown ups can earn their own, so there are about 7 extras in a box now for next time. Smile


    Slideshow of the first annual Davie Dash 5k- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrvV5hKld88

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      I thought the medals were cool but look at that scenery. Nice.

        Sarah that was amazing...thanks so much for sharing.

          love, Love, LOVE!! THIS is what running's all about!!! Look at the smiles, the fun, the scenery!! Way to go Sarah for making such a fun event in your community!! Something tells me your "little' 5K is going to be a bit bigger next year!! And it was so nice of many of the RA'ers to send the medals for your very cool fun run! Big grin

            That is wonderful!  I'm glad the day was so much fun!  The kids looked so happy, and so did all the grown-ups too!   The video is great, and the song is perfect.  

            I think it's awesome that you gave the kids all a chance to experience a race with so much support, no stress, and lots of smiles!  Perhaps it'll spark an interest that they won't be able to ignore!  Big grin


            Team 9 from Outer Space

              Thanks for sharing your video. It looks like you had a great race and something I'm sure those kids will never forget.

              Way to spread the love of the sport! Smile


              Way to go to those who donated medals as well. 

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                thanks the look on those kids faces as they ran in was awesome!!!!!

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                  I've been waiting for you to post because I wanted to know how all went.  Wow, that was so cool!  I want to join the Davey Dash because that is a fun family.


                  I know that you talked about ordering medals next year but if you don't, please post or PM me as soon as you need medals because I'll give all that I haven't already given to Medals4Mettle.  I'll even send to you now the 4 that I have but you probably don't want to hold for another year.


                  You did an amazing job!!!!!  Thanks for sharing with us.

                  I fly.



                    It looked like everyone had a great time!

                    Bring it on.