Half Marathon coming up (Read 35 times)


    I have my first half marathon race coming up. I’ve done 13 miles road before & 14 miles trail but not official races. I’ve been training for the half up to 10.5 miles last weekend.


    Yesterday I had a walking event 25 miles & 6000 ft of elevation! My legs are in bits today … just about to foam roll, massage gun etc!

    just wondering on advice how to progress my training this week planned a long run next Sunday  hope my legs will be ok! 

    usually in a week I do:

    3 x weight based training sessions

    2 x cardio based sessions - these can be my runs

    2 x smaller runs / 1 long run


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      Hi RepRhi,


      I just noticed this - a lot of people here subscribe directly to the marathon and half-marathon threads so may have missed this.  Jump into the half thread and you'll get plenty of feedback.


      It may be too late now but I would say after a walking event like that, you should definitely have a very easy week of light training.  Are your cardio sessions not usually runs?  With a half coming up I'd try and make those runs so you have 5 per week.  But again, need more info like when is the race, what's your background (what sort of fitness base do you have), what are your goals for the race etc

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