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    Is there one at the moment? I didn;t see one, so, is anyone planning o a marathon for spring or summer? Should we start a Marathon Group? Dave
      I looked as well and only saw a group for first timers. I'm planning on doing the Mad-City Marathon (Madison, WI) at the end of May, so I would definitely be interested in a group.
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        I'm planning on doing the Mad-City Marathon (Madison, WI) at the end of May...
        Hey! I ran that last year! I'm thinking about running it again this year (my parents live in Madison, which makes logistics extremely easy) but I didn't have a very friendly opinion of it last year, I have to admit. Cry (Too bad because I love Madison!) Have you run it before? Last year it was on a particularly hot (and dangerous) day, so perhaps that lead to a lot of the problems that I experienced...

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          If I ever get better (hopefully Monday), I'm going to start training for one of two marathons end of April / beginning of May. That will take me into the beginning of a new 24 week program I found to train for Baltimore..... I think a marathon training group would be great, since the training for it is different than other races.
            I'm planning of five this year, starting with Boston in April.
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              OK, there is a group, OMEN Marathon for first timers. It was started in November and has had no action. I thought OMEN was an 'event' so that's why I thought there wasn't one. So, since there was no action there I am going to start fresh. Come join me at the Marathon Madness Mob http://www.runningahead.com/groups/MMM/ See you there! Dave
                Hey Vicente, I ran the Mad City in 2005. I would have ran last year, but an injury kept me out. Probably a good thing to because I don't think I would have made it with the heat - if I remember correctly it was around 90 and pretty humid. I know a couple of people who had run multiple marathons and dropped out of the race because of the heat. I'm hoping for typical Wisconsin spring weather this year, cloudy and about 55 degrees. Jim
                Fortitudine Vincimus - "By endurance we conquer,"
                  I'm registered for the San Diego RnR ...this will be my second year/second marathon. I'm hoping to BQ...I need to cut 3 minutes off last years time. Is there a training group? I 'mnot really sure if I should train differently or if experience itself will help me shave off those last 3 mintues... I have a couple of half marathons between now and then.
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                    Reminder - We have started the Marathon Training Group. Come visit us at http://www.runningahead.com/groups/MMM. If you are training for, or planning to run a marathon in the next while, this is the place for you. See you there.
                      Didnt realize this group was so new, course I just got here a week ago.