A cure for plantar fasciitis and shin splints (Read 508 times)

    I run a quite a bit and have had a myriad of injuries. I also coach part-time at an NCAA Division 3 college and I end up giving the kids the same exercises for injuries that I have had and recovered from. I finally decided to make a few videos and write a blog post about the things that have worked to help me, my teammates and my athletes recover from plantar fasciitis and shin splints. These don't work for everyone because not everyone has the same injury. In other words, "shin splints" might be more serious than shin splints because they are not actually shin splints but something else. However, I have had enormous success keeping people running when they do these exercises. If you are hurt give them a try. It's worth a few minutes of your time.



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      Isaiah, Thanks. The information and advise for plantar fasciitis treatment is often contradictory. i.e. barefoot/minimalist vs well supportive shoes. The evidence from studies regarding therapy and modalities are often too small in subjects or too short in duration or just plain inconclusive.


      As you point out the injury is not identical in each subject further complicating advice for treatment and recovery.


      I have a fraction of the running experience of you. I'll give it a look. 9 months of this sucks with no end in sight. I coulda had a baby by now.


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