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    Since I have plantar faciitis I have been riding a bike and recently started swimming. I had not swam for 10 years. Swimming has been going great and I have no idea what my times are but on my 4th time to the pool, I swam 1250 yards. However my skin itches at night after the swims. I use Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy which helps some. The question is there anything better. It takes a lot of lotion to stop the itching.
      My husband is allergic to chlorine & bromine and has the same problem. He just doesn't go near the pool but still has itchy dry skin in the winter. He uses Sarna. It's white, with a turquoise stripe across it. It stinks to high heaven but he swears it works really well.


        Gold Bond lotion. It also stinks, but works great. How many showers are you taking in a day? It might be that as well, I found when I was swimming alot some days I took 2-3 showers.

          My wife has Cetaphil Lotion and I have found that it fills that crackly crusty dry skin much better than anything else we keep under the bathroom sink...It doesn't take much either.

            Fish Oil supplements Seriously.......I'm an eczema sufferer and normally a 4 day / week swimmer. And I live in the mid-west where the air gets really dry in the winter months. It works.....er I should say helps in combination with the other items listed above. I also keep a hand towl soaked in baby oil that I wipe down with after I get out of the shower. I keep it in a zipp lock bag so it's alway ready.
              I make sure to always always always shower after a swim in a pool, otherwise my skin will itch bad that night, I'm assuming the chlorine gets dried on or something. So I take a shower immediately after the swim, lube up with lotion after that, and I'm good to go.
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                I used to have some problems with itching as well - chlorine can be rough on teh skin. Have you tried using "Ultra Swim" shampoo - I actually found that when I used that (and actually rubbed some on my whole body) that the itching would not be as bad.

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                  I take showers.


                    The problem is chlorine in the water and if you have hard water that is not going to help stop being itchy. I bet a salt water bath after your swim would help a lot. Not sure how you are going to get that salt water bath though.



                      Epsom or Sitz bath
                        One thing is I am going to have to change my picture(Which I have done). I do take showers. For a while I thought it was from the jacuzzi hot tub after the swim. The shower smells like clorine or that may be me. Right now I am swimming two times per week. The last swim was 1500 yards or 60 lengths of Court House Athletic Club pool. A pun came to mind. The lengths we will go to when we can't run. Thanks for all the sugestions. I think the anti clorine shampoo is a real good idea. I will pick some up.
                          Always rinse off before you get into the pool and make sure to drench your hair. That way, your hair soaks up less chlorinated water. Even if you wear a swim cap - shower first. Being as you're a man, you may not want to go shopping at Bath & Body Works, but I use a cream from there called "Look Ma, New Hands." It is actually a hand cream, but I use it as body lotion. It does wonders for me after I swim to alleviate the pool itch. It is pretty much odor-free, so you won't have to worry about smelling like a spring day!


                            Best things for intensely dry skin are body butters from The Body Shop--but they aren't cheap. Super concentrated, but still $20 for a large tub. The cocoa butter one is really nice. Less greasy than some other varieties, but still super moisturizing. Hubby has eczema and LOVES the stuff.

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                              I'll 2nd the shower before swimming. Soak in a warm shower if you can. It opens the pores. Likewise, as good as it feels, the jaccuzzi is making things a little worse. Your opening your pours and saturating your skin with chlorine. The chlorine levels in a jaccuzzi are usually higher than the pool. Algea and bacteria love warm water. Sounds like you had a lot of other good ideas for treating the skin. I hope you heal up soon.
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                                As public swimming pools contain a high concentration of chlorine to kill the bacteria. If anyone is developing a rash due to chlorine in the swimming pool, one can stop the swimming for some days or find the lotion which will act as a barrier between the skin and irritating chlorine. The use of cool compress or anti-itching can be used. One can get more information about various lotions for various skin types.