I won my first race! (Read 576 times)

    Last week, kind of on a whim, I entered a local 5k.


    My goal was not to be concerned with placement, but with hitting a 19:30. 

    I've got the Philly Marathon in November and really want a BQ.


    120 of us line up. The gun goes off and 4 of us take off together, but within the first 1/4 mile, I find myself in the lead.


    This is brand new territory for me! I'm usually the one looking at the back of the runner in front of me, trying to catch him/her.

    Now I'm thinking, "Don't let them catch you!"


    I do my best to forget where I'm at and concentrate on steady pacing. 


    Mile 1 - 6:18. I'm feeling good.

    Mile 2 - 6:17. No longer hearing footsteps behind me.

    Mile 3 - 6:24 - a couple hills.

    Mile .1 - 5:30 - had to fly in for the finish! 


    Official time: 19:31. (Not the fastest field, I know.) :P


    My kids asked me, "Dad - was anyone in front of you?" Hahaha!  I know - I couldn't believe it, either!


    Anyway - I won a $75 gift cert to the local running store and picked up some new Brooks PureFlows. 

    Fun day! 


      You're a Winner!!  Big grin  Congratulations!! 


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        Whoohooo!!!  Nice winnings, too!

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        remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.    

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          Just run.


            Pretty cool!

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            My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

              That's AWESOME!!!  Congrats!

              - Joe

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                Very awesome, and great prize too. I won a 5k last weekend and all I got was a pretty sad looking medal.   Way to go! 

                HTFU?  Why not!

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                  Congrats! Fabulous time. What a great feeling that had to be Smile