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    Hi All I am just coming back to running after a number of years off. I used to reasonable long distances but now I am coming from nothing and starting all over again. I have had some discomfort in my achillies in the last couple of years caused by wearing boots for fire fighting. The boots used to press into the achillies particuarly when driving. I have just started to add about 7 x 2min runs into my walks - I am starting really easy. Two week in and my achillies is playing up. I went to the Physio and he gave me calf raises as an exercise. I haven't run for four days but it hasn't really settled down. I am doing the exercises and trying to stretch without pulling on the tendon too much. The pain isn't bad at all but I am concerned that I may cause alot of damage by running. Should I keep running (run/walking)? Thanks Poppit
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      Since you're already working with PT, I think you'd be best served by working that out with them rather than taking the anonymous advice of web posters. That said, my advice is... Talk to your PT. Wink Welcome to RA! Kudos for being proactive about taking care of your health and your injury! Good luck!

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        I won't give a recommendation one way or the other, since I don't want to lead you in the wrong direction. I will say, though, that when my Achilles started acting up, I put wedge shaped make up sponges in the heel of each shoe. 2 side by side was most comfortable, and it took the strain off the tendon while still allowing me to run. But def. talk to your PT to make sure it's not something serious.
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          Thanks for your replies. I have an appointment with a podiatrist Friday week. It seems to be more my foot muscles that are sore not so much the achillies its self. I have cut out a piece of an old insole put it under my heel and arch to help stop me rolling in - I ran for five minutes with no problem. I also found that if I wear shoes around the house on our hard tiles it is much better. It will be interesting to hear what the podiatrist has to say. Poppit
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            Sounds like you're going to be able to find a good solution! Smile

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              I think I recall reading that achilles problems can be made worse by going barefoot, so your shoes in the house thing doesn't seem too off-base. I have also heard that the heel cushions in shoes can help, too. I hope you find a solution. I had some nagging pains after my first runs in snow back in Dec. One thing that bothered me was my left achilles. It seems to have resolved itself for the most part, but it took a while. k

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