Tonight's eeny-weeny run .. (Read 1175 times)

    put me over 1000 miles for this year (1000.3) Big grin
    2009: BQ?
      Awesome, trishie!!! Congrats! Smile

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        Damn, gurl! I am still almost 190 miles behind ya'. Will you have a beer waiting for me at the finish in another month and a half...? Wink k

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          Nice! I just squeaked over 500 last week so I have a ways to go to catch you. Undecided

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            Eeny weeny still does the job! Congrats!


              put me over 1000 miles for this year (1000.3) Big grin
              It all adds up! Congrats! On to 1500!
                Congrats, Trishie!

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                You'll ruin your knees!

                  Way to go Trichia! Looks like you are almost at your total mileage for 2006 (quick glance at your log) and it's only August! That darned pace bunny really gets us out there more regularly than before he came along! And it's not like you haven't had much else to do this year! Lynn MTA: WOOT!!!

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                    WTG Tricia!! Congrats!!

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                      Eeny weeny still does the job! Congrats!
                      That's what she said...
                        That is a good number for the year! WOW!

                        The Meek One

                          Holy Cats! Congrats!
                            Best on doubling it! Big grin So what is going to be getting more mileage for the rest of the year, your recently acquired dubs or your legs? I hope to put 1000 in this year, too. Looks like I am going to have to get out more!


                              1000 miles! I was happy to get 50 miles last month. I'll be lucky to get 600 this year. Hey it's 600 more than the guy on the couch.

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                              sub 30 min 5K         sub 55min 10K


                                Well done! Keep it up.