Hal Higdon or Jeff Galloway? (Read 282 times)

    Which would you pick?  


    Hal Galloway.

    My leg won't stop mooing.


    i think i've got a calf injury.


      Hal Galloway.


      No, no. Halloway.


        I think you learn something from every plan.  I haven't tried Higdon.

        Galloway helped me when I started. I don't like to walk when I run but I still do two walk breaks in my warm up.

        Ferman helped me run intervals.

        Hanson's helped me with MP runs.


          Which would you pick? I'm a first time HM runner.

          Congrats on setting a solid goal for yourself.  The half is my favorite distance and is a good challenge.  I would echo others here and suggest that you take a look at Running Wizard for the reasons outlined and also from my personal experience.  I have trained for a run three half marathons using three different approaches.  My initial effort use Runners World Smartcoach (1:55), my second attempt used Furman  FIRST (1:47) and my most recent PR was set using Running Wizard (1:37).  Of the three plans, I found that the running Wizard approach left me the best prepared for race day.    I think that it is a very well rounded plan which would help you given that it starts with a good phase of aerobic development which will be a benefit to you given you short running history.


          Good luck with whatever plan you choose.

           201x goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

            I used Higdons intermediate 2 marathon plan last spring for my first marathon.  By the end of the program I felt prepared for the race and ended up with a BQ.  I walked through the water stations every 2 miles.  I would think the HM plans will prepare you for your race as well.  Good luck.


              I'm a big Jeff Galloway fan because of his walking breaks. At first I felt I was 'too good' to be taking walking breaks, but then I tried it, and they actually made me go faster and further.