Damned injuries (Read 363 times)

    So I was just recovering nicely after my ITBS this summer - I took it slowly. I did hikes. I did biking. Some easy running. I started running in November on snow - very easily. I gradually started climbing my hills again. I sometimes went running on a flat paved surface. Then I overdid it - a heavy week coincided with a ski trip. So I dd the sensible thing. I took the next week off from running but decided to do form exercises - 10-20minutes of hopping and bounding. The second time I did that I felt some pain in my left calf. I thought it was just the muscle but it still hurts and when I am compressing the area there is a numb pain. I can still walk but some positions are painful and jumping hurts. So I go off running again. Maybe this time for good. PS. Looking at my incremental improvements again, it seems that most of my gains had been made by doing only hill sessions and slowly upping the mileage there, easily going back downhill. I.e. the only time I was able to successfully finish a 10K was after a series of every-other-day hill sessions... though there is a conspicuous 1-month gap after that - maybe I got injured and didn't note it down.. bugger.. I should be more careful with these things.