Simple searches within my log (Read 215 times)


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    I'm sure there's a way to do this but I'm not seeing it.


    I just want to search to see all of my half marathons, or 10k's, for example.  I can only see 'reports' and it doesnt give me the search parameters for race and distance and years..and only spits out a graph.  If I just go through 'workouts' then sort by type and have to scroll through many pages to find 'race' it gets tedious.

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    12 Monkeys

      If you want to look at races, you can do it:


      Click on Training Log

      Click on Personal Records

      Click on the race distance you are interested in seeing (e.g., 10k)


      It should now show all races logged as 10k.

        For any recorded workout:

        Click on Training Log, then Reports, then New Search.

        You should be able to search by distance, etc.

        If you want to just search the running races, change Activity to Run, then the Workout Type box appears allowing you to select Race.