Adductor tendonitis? (Read 186 times)


    So I've been having issues with my groin/adductor muscles. I injured it a little more than three weeks ago--I had a sudden pain while running, and could barely walk afterward. Since then, I took about two weeks off and it's gotten a lot better, but now winter track has started and it's still bothering me. It's a little sore, but it's mostly an issue because I can't run without a slight limp. My right leg feels a bit weaker than the left, as in, I can't move it as well--I can't lift it as high as the other. My coach said I "looked like I was shot" while I was running. He thinks it's adductor tendonitis, and told me to take the weekend off. Also, I felt a throbbing in my pelvic area after running. But it doesn't really hurt when I walk. I can feel it when I lift my left leg to put on pants, or when I bend over at the hip and try to move forward. But it mostly bothers me when I runs, and then the pain goes away afterward, save for a bit of soreness.

    Can I run with adductor tendonitis? What can I do to help it heal? I've been icing and stretching it...I don't want to be out for much longer. Also, for as long as I can't run, would it be better rest completely, or can I cross-train?

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