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    I completed my first race ever - a 5k Turkey trot with a time of 34:28. This started the racing bug for me and since then I've done 4 more 5ks, a trail 10k, a sprint triathlon, and a half marathon. This Thanksgiving I returned to the Turkey trot with a vengeance and 43 pounds lighter. My time was 27:57. I'm sure the fact that I was 43 pounds lighter than last year at this time (55 overall) helped, but I have to think some of my improvement came from just time on my feet. I know my overall numbers aren't very impressive compared to other members of the forum, but it's better than the year before, which was probably around 20 total! I waited awhile to post this, and I actually wasn't going to post at all, but I've felt a real lack of support lately from friends and family and wanted to share with people who would understand what a 6 minute PR means. I also really wanted to thank the members of this board who are constantly educating and inspiring me and probably don't even know it. Cheers to great '08 and hopefully an even better '09!
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      Great job on setting the PR, and in getting out and experiencing a range of races! A six-minute 5K PR is about two minutes faster per mile, which is awesome!

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        I am super impressed. That is awesome. It is all due to the time on the feet. You would not have lost the weight but for the time on the feet. The lack of support from friends and family, is a mystery to me. I get that to. I run for purely selfish reasons, so I do not care, but an occasional high five, or good job would be nice.
          That's great -- good for you ... quite a year. WTG

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            That's what running is all about. Keep running and you will see even more improvement. Lighter weight plus time on your feet are the key to faster times. Continue to ramp up your mileage per week to the most you stand and remain healthy. I encourage you to do more than you think is feasible. I started thinking all I needed to do was around 30 miles per week. Someone stated that one should run 40+. Once you are capable, this is what you should try to achieve and beyond. It works wonders.


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              Well, I'm impressed! My first 5k was 43:00. Blush And I didn't run as many races as you did my first year in running, all while losing weight. A great accomplishment that you can pat yourself on the back about. Yes, there are faster runners here, but most of us will never be first, or even place in our age group so we are all running our own race. And that is more than 99% of the population so you have tons to be proud of! Keep it up and don't worry about friends and family - they just don't get it and it's too bad for them - they don't know what they are missing. We get to experience the joy of running! Big grin

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                Amber, that is TRULY awesome!!! Wow, that's huge. I predict you can keep knocking minutes off doing what you're already doing. Smile

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                  I just started running this year also and I can't wait for the running series to start again in the spring so I can re-run those same courses and see how much I can improve on my time. However, even though I enjoy the 5k's and the get together's afterward, I'm starting to think I just might like long distance running more. Will find that out also in 2009. This weeks long run will be my first twelve mile long run. Eleven miles went well last week. But I'm a loooooooonnnnggggg way away from marathon weight and running shape and mpw. Congrats on your achievements. Upward and onward !!

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                    Great job, Amber! Do you have any goals for 2009?

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                      Nice Job, Amber!!! I was like you 5 years ago. I'm sure you'll continue to get better as long as you love the running. Your times are very good for someone just beginning. I was in that 30ish range when I started and my best now is 23:10. Way to Go and Kep it Up!!!

                        Thanks so much guys! This was the pick me up I needed. I'm also a little bummed right now because my lingering achilles problem seems to be getting worse. I'm battling with myself on whether to cut back or to build up a better base for my spring training program - which starts right after the new year. I'd hate to begin my training with nagging issues, but I'd also hate to begin under-prepared! Teresa - my goals for 09 are 2 HM's for the spring and maybe a full in the fall. We'll see. I'm also going to do a couple more sprint tri's...they're a blast!

                          The lack of support from friends and family, is a mystery to me. I get that to. I run for purely selfish reasons, so I do not care, but an occasional high five, or good job would be nice.
                          Yeah, it's totally wierd. I think a large part of the problem is that I'm surrounded by people who would like to lose weight but haven't been very successful. When they go on and on about their newest diet or exercise program I am very interested and supportive and I'm constantly asking questions about their progress and how they're feeling. When I begin to talk about an upcoming race or training I can actually see their eyes glaze over. It's frustrating.


                            sounds like they aren't willing to put in the hard work you have to reach their goals. Congrats on how far you have come.

                              LOL Amber, I can relate to some extent to the eyes glazing over, though most of my family and friends have been extremely supportive about my running, even as my distances have climbed into what they consider "insane" territory. I'm sure they're proud of what you've accomplished, but talk of Gu, pace, and glycogen depletion might be more than most nonrunners can handle (though one slip of the word "fartlek" generally brings anyone's attention back). Congratulations--hope your achilles begins to cooperate soon.

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