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    Hey! Just got back from Boston and went for a dip in the pool today. This is the first time I've entered a swimming workout here. As a former competitive swimmer, I thought I'd give you some feedback on this feature. First off, all strokes are one word: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly. When selecting the stroke, can you put in an "All" or "Mixed" option. I know when I swim (and probably most others), chances are we're not doing the same stroke the entire workout. This would help in my anal nature to classify everything exactly how it is. Next, can you add intervals to the swimming option? Most swimming is interval based. If you take a look at my log and my swimming entry for today you can see an example of my workout. It would be nice if the stroke options were available in the interval areas -- along with kicking, pulling, and IM. If you need anything more swimming related. Just let me know. I love this site and want to do my part to help you out.
      Hi Mark! Congrats on your awesome time at Boston! Is it a safe bet that you'll be back next year? Thanks for the suggestions. I'll get the spelling corrections done as soon as I can. As to the intervals, that might take some time because I need to modify the Java scripts and database in order to do what you want. There is another user that also requested that swimming intervals should allow types. I'll email you for more help when I add these changes. eric Smile
        Thanks for the help! I know all of us users appreciate all the time and energy you devote to maintaining and improving the site.

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            Hey, Mark...I just noticed that you, too, are in MI. Man, I'll bet swimming in an indoor heated pool in about 6 months will be preferable than running out in -ยบ temps... Big grin k

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