Retired Shoes in drop down box (Read 637 times)

    Hi Eric: My wife noted that when she tries to retire a shoe it still shows up in the drop down list when entering a new workout. I did not have that problem in the past so I thought she was not doing something right as she "retired" the shoe. I went to retire a shoe tonight and ran into the same issue. I use an iBook with Leopard, though I usually use Firefox for browsing. Trecker
      Tony, The retired shoe will always be displayed for the day of retire. That is, if I retired a shoe today, it will be visible until tomorrow in case you run in them today. Hope this makes sense. I'm sure you see by now that the shoe is hidden. eric Smile
        Thanks Eric! It's gone now from mine. Diana hasn't had a chance to check it yet, she's trying to recover a running log from Cool Running. I certainly appreciate some of the folks that are helping us find back doors to our records.