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    If you look at my workouts you will see that I am a slow runner - I like it better than way! Or rather my legs much prefer me running slowing while I still have 45 extra pounds on me. Usually my pace/km is between 9 and 10. Today I managed 5km in 36:44 - or a 7:21 pace! It was a lovely day for a run - my Mom had some difficulties getting across town with the major highway between us being inaccessible from my end thanks to the race! We got to Toronto City Hall by 6:40 a.m. in order to see my uncle (who you know as backstretch) off on his first Marathon! My Mom and Backstretch - notice it's still dark out! Pat before the race Somewhere in there there's me waving. I'm wearing a blue and white top. I'm beside a nice lady in orange. There were over 14,000 doing one of the three races: marathon, half-marathon and 5k! I've never run with so many people before in my life! We started off south on Bay St towards the lake. There's a bridge under the highway and the bottom and there's a slight decline there so you could see all of the people in front of you. Just overwhelming really. I was thankful I went back and re-read the hints posted here! If only because I was annoyed at the people who pushed forward during the line up (moving to a higher corral and everything) who then proceeded to walk 3 or 4 abreast in the middle of the route! Sigh. There were several bridges and underpasses so I wasn't counting on the garmin for pacing but I missed EVERY SINGLE KM MARKER! I had no idea where I was. This is especially so as they moved the start for the 5km race this morning, plus I wasn't so concerned about measuring out the route ahead of time 'cause, well, I thought I could use the markers! Got about 1/2 way and saw my DH on side of Lakeshore Blvd! That was nice. I took about 4 walk breaks throughout the race - the first 3 about a minute each at the end of 8 minutes of running. The last one was up the slight incline at the bottom of Bay street that I mentioned above (for about 30-45 seconds). This is when I found out I had 700 m left to go! Hemmed in by tall buildings on either side which created a nice wind tunnel. There were people cheering and making noise and a great kid with a huge sign saying "You Rock" Based on my runs, I figured 42 minutes was doable and told my mom, aunt and cousins I was aiming for between 40 - 44 minutes. My cousin finished and found the rest on this very nifty overhead walkway and after congrats etc. my mom said, well another 10 - 15 minutes or so for Lisa. At which point she turned around and saw me waving! So it took her a while to get the camera out: me finishing. Notice who I'm beside? I didn't realise at the time. Too bad though 'cause she was really nice! Then Mom and I tried to get back to the flat as Pat would be running close by there really soon. DH was there waiting with a gatorade for him (don't ask backstretch! DH apparently thought he should shake Pat's hand before he gave up the gatorade!!!!!). Mom and I missed him but I went to the flat, jumped in the shower and spent the next 2 hours at the bottom of our street watching everyone - including backstretch - finishing their marathon (I was just past the 40 km marker) okay - now I'm going to soak for a bit. I'm still kinda buzzing about the whole thing and thinking, hm, December 28 2008 just 3 months till my next 5 k!

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      Lisa, what an awesome way to spend your morning! And congrats to Pat on his first marathon! I'll be keeping my eyes open for his report. How are you celebrating tonite?

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        That's awesome! Very cool you bettered what you thought you could do. First races are one of a kind! Cool

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          Amazing first race, redleaf. Congratulations. Craig
            Thanks guys - oddly enough I haven't given much thought to celebrating beyond the word "beer". Oh and watching football - nice to see the Bucks win while I'm watching for a change (my brother used to live in Tampa - any tangential reason I can create will give me a team to cheer for in almost every game!) I have an RMT session tomorrow morning which will be greatly appreciated. Beyond that - I have to think about it still!

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              Congrats again! Love the pictures too! and congrats to Backstretch too! Big grin

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                Congrats to you Lisa and to backstretch as well!! Great pictures and loved your report!

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                  YaY, Lisa! and congrats to Backstretch as well! Loved your report and pics...and good luck with your December race too! Smile

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                    Sweet Race....... killed you estimated time! Nice to meet you before the race! Way to Go!
                      Just so everyone doesn't think I'm ignoring you Lisa, as I've stated in the other thread great job, I'm proud of you kid. I'll also reiterate you suck as a photographer Big grin Thanks to the rest of the crew here for the kind words. Big grin Big grin

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                        Congratulations, Lisa. Great to meet you.

                        Go Pre!

                          Sorry I didn't get there to meet ya! Nature called, and called again! Great first race, we'll catch you next time. Keep on runnin'!
                            Congratulations Redleaf! I bet you're hooked now! Fantastic that you beat your expected time.

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                              Congratulations Lisa!!!! That's a great reoprt!!! Big grin
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                                This is an execellent report.......Great job to you and to backstretch.... Like the pictures... Wink

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