bug report: equipment field on edit workout page (Read 21 times)


    osx mojave (10.14.3) on 15" 2018 mbp, chrome 72.something


    Steps to duplicate:


    Have one or more entries in "Equipment."

    Use a garmin to log a "walk" activity and have them imported into running ahead.

    On "import" page, click "save" button for that activity.

    Takes you to "Edit workout entry" page. Not that equipment dropdown defaults to "No equipment"

    Change "Activity" to "Run"

    Note that "No Equipment" entry in "Equipment" field goes away, and it defaults to the first "equipment" item in your list.


    Defect:  Unable to choose "no equipment" option for that activity.


    My workaround:

    Save, then edit. "No equipment" option appears again. Choose that option and save again.


    Something else I just noticed:

    It's not necessary to import something as a "walk." When editing or importing a workout of type "run", on the "edit workout entry" page, if you change activity to anything else ie "swim" and then change it back to "run", the defect occurs.