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    Is there anyone out there over 50 that runs with no pain?

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    Yes, I'm 65 and am running without pain since switching to low heart rate approach, BF, and almost all easy running. Do get some pain when I step on a rock with my barefeet tho. I also has to determine my MAF (Max aerobic Function) HR via test because of all the meds I'm on.

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      I had Achilles tendonitis early this year, the Sports Med doc prescribed Graston "massage" along with gait analysis and eccentric exercises. The Physical Therapist that performed the Graston used mainly the smaller tools. It was uncomfortable, occasionally painful, and in my case, yielded little result.


      I ended up seeing a another PT for the gait analysis, she told me that, typically with Graston, if the person doesn't notice improvements after a few sessions, they will discontinue - she was surprised they had kept at it as long as they had - 8 or so sessions at that point. In the end, the stretches and specific exercises along with reduced mileage was the only way it was going to clear up.


      As others have mentioned, some folks say it helps immensely, and I wouldn't right it off for other injuries, but for my Achilles, it wasn't a big help, and it ended up being costly, at least as far as insurance claims were concerned.