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    I checked my old Nike+ foot pod (in the midsole of a Nike shoe) against my Garmin once.  They were almost spot-on for a certified 5k route I train on.  I don't think a holder on your laces will make a difference to the sensor's accuracy.


    And Nathan makes a foot pod holder that seemed pretty sturdy and secure.  Never tried it, though.

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      Funny topic atm . I happen to have a pair of Nike shoes and a holder for my none Nike shoes and used both. To be honest I have noticed a little difference between the two when using them on the treadmill. Outside I use my GPS and sensor. 


        I have two garmin foot pods and both have trouble on the treadmill. I've changed batteries, calibrated, rescanned, etc. Seemed to work for a while, but after a few days, the foot pods start giving crazy data.