Routes/Maps at Beginnertriathlete.com (Read 588 times)

    Just wanted to make you aware of the new routing/mapping feature at beginnertriathlete.com - considering how clunky much of their site is, this works pretty slick. I especially liked the way elevation showed up while I was plotting the course (this would be useful if you were looking to plan a harder or easier course) and also how elevation was an element that was tracked and easily visible. The mapping/routing are free, though most of the graphing isn't (Reason I left them in the first place).

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      *gasp* you mean you don't know about the elevation profile button? You should check it out. It's pretty darn cool if I must say so. This is what it looks like:
        Does it work while we're drawing too??? Holy moly - I never even TRIED that. Smile

        Go to http://certainintelligence.blogspot.com for my blog.

          The elevation profile feature was added back in Feb or Mar of last year and rendered the elevation in real time from the start. It's one of the cooler features of the site because the graph itself uses Google maps so the drawing is seamless.