Polar Watch help? (Read 21 times)

    I recently replaced my old M430 with a new Pacer Pro. I'm having an issue that Polar Support doesn't seem to be able to solve; but my back-and-forth makes me think the tech helping me isn't that knowledgeable.


    The issue is that in the Flow App, when I go to edit the Training View settings, current Speed/Pace is not an option. Just average Speed/Pace, Last Lap Speed/Pace, etc. There should be 12 parameters to select under "Speed", but it is only showing 10 (Speed/Pace Zone is also not showing).


    The factory default views include Speed/Pace on the first view, and it works, so it's a functional parameter. I just cannot edit my own views to include it. Under the Power settings, Power and Power Zone are also missing from the selections. These two functions display real-time data, not averages or historical. However HR as real-time is available to add in training views.


    I don't know if this is an issue with the Flow App, or the watch itself. I suspect it's a software issue for the reasons above. Polar Tech doesn't know if it's the app or the watch, and kept trying to teach me how to get to the settings, ignoring the actual issue that those selections don't even appear when I'm in the settings for training views.


    Internet search for this issue hasn't turned anything up yet. Anyone have experience with this?


    I'm wondering if there is some setting box checked/unchecked that is blocking real-time data like Speed/Pace and Power; although HR is still an option in editing training views. I've gone through every page of the settings and nothing was glaring.


    Things tried:

    updated app

    restarted computer

    deleted watch from my devices

    Did factory reset on the disconnected watch (a few times)

    re-registered/added watch to my Polar account (a few times)

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      Polar couldn't figure it out. I figured it out.


      It's either the antivirus or Chrome extensions I'm running on my desktop preventing the Flow app from fully functioning. Maybe my firewall.


      I loaded Flow onto my Samsung tablet and synced the watch with it, and the editing is fully functional on there.


      If anyone is having similar troubles with their GPS or Smart watch, this may be your problem.

      60-64 age group  -  University of Oregon alumni  -  Irreverent and Annoying