ordering in cumulative report (Read 250 times)

hairshirt knitter

    I just created a new graph report, because I wanted to see a weekly sum of swim, bike and run activities over the last 52 weeks. So far, so good... got that sorted. The only issue is that the graph doesn't present the activities in the same order each week for each stacked column.


    It's not a problem as such, but if each column had swim, bike, run stacked in that order, it would be a lot easier to see trends. Small point, but is there any way to sort it?


      This is problem with the graphing software that I use.  They've had this problem for as long as I've used it.  I don't think they'll ever fix this problem.  So you'll have to live with the problem until I replace the software with something else.


      eric Smile

      hairshirt knitter

        understood - like I say, not a big issue, thanks for looking eric.