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    What is your typical gym routine?

    Personal bests (bold = this year): 5K - 23:27 / 5M - 38:42 / 10K - 49:31 (track) / 10M - 1:24:26 / HM - 1:51:17 / M - 3:58:58

    Next races: NYC Marathon, Nov 2014 

    Old , Ugly and slow

      I do an over all body workout with weights every 4 days



      db benches and presses

      pull downs

      db rows



      grip work



      when my Knee gets better


      leg curl

      first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


      2014goals   1300  miles  , 190 pounds , deadlift 400 touch my toes

        Whole body workout in 15-20 minutes once a weeks during marathon training.


        6 minute ab routine. I hit the abs at every angle with about 20 pus different movements with 10 reps each.


        I superset the following pairs. I do the first then go to the next and repeat for 3 sets then I go to the next pair.


        25 pushups

        rubberband pulldowns 15 reps. I attach 3 rubber band to the handles and hang them over my door. I sit on the floor and begin


        single leg lunge with one leg on a bench 12-15 reps

        upright rows with two rubber bands 10 reps


        standing calve raises with my body weight for 15 reps. I go up quick and down slow

        shoulder press with two rubber bands for 10 reps


        dips on the edge of my bed 10-12 reps

        curls with 2 rubber bands 10-12 reps


        I walk 60 steps on my tip toes


        I stretch and massage everyday until I'm done with my marathon.


        After I complete my marathon, I'll go back to my normal gym routine. 



        Same 6 minute ab routine as above

        25 pullups


        Then I do each of the following in order for 3 sets with 1 minute rest. I put 75 lbs on the barbell


        Upright Row 
        Military Press 
        Good Morning
        Split Squat (left/right)
        Straight-Legged Deadlift


        Then i do 3 set of dips 25 reps, then 15 reps then 12 reps superset with db curls



        I do the same ab routine.

        then what is in this video below with lighter weights.




          On the 3 days I'm not running, I do 2 calisthenics and 1 lift. Rotating among:












            3 days a week I do 90 minutes of machines that get my core more than once. I do 3 sets of15 each 20 -30 seconds max in between. If there is a machine such as a torso turn I switch sides immediately. No set is too heavy as I don't need bigger arms, and I want to tone my legs.I run 6 days a week, and also do 1 day of elliptical. I was never this aggressive before at the gym and it is helping a lot.

              If I go to the gym I usually do 30 mins easy running to get warmed up, then usually I do squats, overhead presses, chinups, dips, calf raises and then a couple of other things depending on what I feel like. At home I do press ups, crunches and planks every couple of days.