Frustrated by my Shin Splints! (Read 127 times)


    Hello running gurus!


    I've been trying to run for ages now, and nothing seems to work.


    About 6 months ago I started to train for a half marathon and was doing 3 miles 3x a week. 2 months later I ended up not being able to walk and the doctor diagnosed me with shin splints and told me to do weight exercise on my legs and physical therapy, which I don't think helped a ton.


    I am 5'10 and 145 pounds, I bike and swim and run fairly often, as well as weight train. I let certain parts of my body rest the day after I work them.


    So back to my running. I was able to run those 3 miles at about a 9 mintue mile, which is good for me.


    After the injury I've been slowly getting back into it, running 1 mile or 2 miles at a time. I've gotten to the point of running twice a week, and only being able to run about 1 mile before my shins really start to give in. My legs hurt. I slow down, and usually stop.


    I have read so much on the internet, and nothing seems to be working.


    I've done the following:

    Foam rolled

    Stretched my entire legs before / after workouts following youtube videos and general stretching knowledge

    Tried the golf ball trick (massaging it under my foot)

    Ive tried a slower pace, I am running 12 minute miles now, and it still hurts

    I bought new shoes. New balance mimus as well as regular new balance shoes + custom soles

    I've been running doing a midfoot strike

    I've ran on dirt paths and trails

    I've walked and not ran up / down hills. And run on the straight aways

    I've warmed up by walking fairly fast 5 minutes before the run

    I am doing leg workouts



    What I haven't done is give up. Now please, if anyone has any words of advice please help me overcome this shin splints problem. I would love to train for a triathlon, and want to do one by this summer. My biking and swimming are improving, but my running is only getting worse.


    Thank you

      I had shin splints for 3 years many years ago. I would not stretch too much before exercise but would get them warmed up in a whirlpool and  do dorsiflexion exercises regularly with resistance (please do if you are not). Calf stretching post exercise is very important. I would ice daily. All of this did nothing to cure the issue just allow me to continue to work out/run/do classes.


      I got tired of it and the pain and swelling on shin bone. I went to a podiatrist. He wrapped my foot to tame pronation and said, "go do your class".  Amazing how much better they felt during the class.  He said you need orthotics. Well, I received custom made orthotics 20 years ago and have not had shin splints since. It was eye opening for me. I am not saying you need them but you may need a biomechanical analysis or go see a podiatrist or a sports doc for an analysis and perhaps a custom made orthotic.


      Or go to www.footdynamics.com   They can send you a kit. My podiatrist recommended them 2 years ago and I simply love the running orthotics and put them in my neutral running shoes. They are amazing and light and tell all my friends and running acquaintances about them. I wear them in my dress shoes too. Something to consider because shin splints suck!!

      Those who try, fail! Those who do what it takes to succeed, succeed!!


        I started getting shin splints several years ago when my weekly mileage got up over about 40 miles per week. It was especially bad in the mornings when my legs were cold. It took me a couple of years to find a solution, but what works for me is using Sole inserts in my running shoes, and I also got some custom orthotics to wear all day in my work shoes. This has completely solved the problem for me. Apparently my feet started to over-pronate due to the increase in running mileage. Basically, my arches were collapsing.


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          Tchuck may be correct on custom orthotics.  However, I suggest you return to the original suggestion to strengthen the muscles around your shin, which are the primary muscles involved in shinsplints.


          Here's the best routine I've found: http://www.sportsinjurybulletin.com/archive/0161.htm


          When you're able to run, continue to do the warmup routine to avoid recurrence.  They work; I included these exercises in the warmup for my HS cross-country team and cut the rate of shin splints dramatically.



            I had a similar experience 15-20 years ago.  I ran with shin splints for six months using Ibuprophen to mask the pain (I know that is bad and I don't do that anymore).  I finally went to the podiatrist to get orthotics and that fixed the problem.  I have flat severely over-pronating feet.  I ran with the orthotics for several years, but they finally wore out.  After that, I found that I can run with motion control shoes like the Brooks Beast without orthotics and haven't worn them in a long time.


            Drink up moho's!!

              Had them bad myself back in 2008 and went to the doctor for them.  He sent me to a PT and this is a write up on the program I was prescribed.




                It may be a matter of time while building the muscles in your legs for running. I had shin splints, side stitches, and butt pain during the first year of running. None of the above while in second year of running.

                  It may be a matter of time while building the muscles in your legs for running. I had shin splints, side stitches, and butt pain during the first year of running. None of the above while in second year of running.


                  Yep.  I started running in ~1993 and I had shin splints so bad I could hardly walk.  They didn't hurt when running but later on, especially in the mornings they were very painful.  I just kept running.  Back then I didn't run very much - maybe 3 or 4 times a week at about 3 or 4 miles each time.  Within a year they were gone and I've never had that problem since.   Not sure why mine went away so completely.