Getting to the Boston Marathon Start Line (Read 840 times)

    hey everyone!

    Running my first Boston this April and I'm staying in Framingham. It's the best I could do financially, but it's less than a 1/2mi from the course itself at mile 7. My question is how do i get to the start? I know there are buses that go from the Finish Line to the Hopkinton State Park and than onto the Start line, but that would require waking up wicked early, traveling into the city then traveling all the way back out again. 

    Should i just take a taxi to the state park?
    Is there a bus to Hopkington?
    My Fiancee is watching as well, but she isn't a city girl and doesn't want to take the subway by her self...

    Hope someone can help me out



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      #1. Walk, jog, lolligag, taxi, share rides with someone you meet in the hotel,  your way to Hopkinton. You'll have hours in Hopkinton to sit and recover.


      #2. The Boston T is very small and user friendly and it is the way to get around on Patriot's Day. That, and walking. The whole downtown is a transportation freak show that weekend. Park outside of the city and use the T and commuter rail.

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        thanks MilkTruck. I was told by someone to make a reservation with a taxi company the night before. Should i? just to be sure i can get a taxi?


          Ask the hotel if they have a shuttle and can take you to Hopkinton State Park in the morning.  You're probably not the only one going.  If not you could take the commuter rail from Framingham outbound to Southborough.  The Southborough T station is on Route 85 about 2 miles from Hopkinton State Park.  If you started walking with your thumb out you'd probably get a ride in about 2 seconds because everyone using Route 85 that morning is either a runner or dropping off runners at the park.


          Your fiance should take the commuter rail from Framingham to Back Bay.  It beat's all the alternatives.

          Runners run.

            I would take a taxi to Hopkinton State Park or the South Street Lot. You may be able to find other runners in your hotel to share the cost. Last year, I got dropped off at the South Street Lot in Hopkinton. There were open port-a-potties and no wait for the buses to the start line. Plus, I was able to sleep later than the prior year when I took the buses from Boston Common. Good luck!

              thanks everyone for the help! much appreciated!