VO2 max calcs...? (Read 741 times)

    Eric, just wondering how the VO2max is calculated automatically for our entires...? Does it rely on heart rate info vs distance, time & body wieght? I have no idea...
      JaySee, I used the formula suggested by SteveB in this post.

        JaySee, For a full explaination, have a read of Daniels Running Formula by Jack Daniels, or the following link gives a bit of a summary. http://www.runningforfitness.org/faq/vo2.php The formula requires only run time and distance, and is really only accurate for 100% effort events, ie races. Steve
        2009 Goals:
        Run 6:30 mile (or 6:01 1500m or 10:10 2.4k).
        Run 6:15 mile (or 5:48 1500m or 9:45 2.4k).
        Run 6:00 mile (or 5:33 1500m or 9:20 2.4k).
        Run 5:45 mile (or 5:18 1500m or 8:55 2.4k).
        2010 Goals:
        Run 5:30 mile (or 5:05 1500m or 8:30 2.4k).
        Run 5:15 mile (or 4:54 1500m or 8:10 2.4k).
        Run a 5 minute mile (or 4:37 1500m or 7:45 2.4k) before 50th birthday (Nov).
          cool, got it, cheers!