Can I make a public commitment here? (Read 1931 times)


    I would like to weigh 130 by my 27th birthday (Feb 2012).  I really would like to be 5 lb less than that, but since that's the lightest I have been it feels like a better goal.


    I currently weigh 155.   I'm 5'3.  I do have a large frame and a fair amount of lean body mass, which is why I don't want to be lighter than I do despite being short.    


    I've had a really hard time losing weight thus far.  I have been trying for half a year.


    I want to lose weight to be at a better running weight.  I remember how much easier it was to run lighter.  How I look, sure, but no one who matters in my life really thinks that needs to change so it's not much of a motivation. (Actually, if anything, I get encouraged not to under the "You were obsessed about everything you ate when you were thinner" vein of thought.)   The running is the main thing.  I think it's a significant detractor to my current running ability, both speed and how much I'm able to handle.  Just based on experience. 


    This week, I'm on very reduced running (doctor's suggestion) and will be traveling somewhere and staying in a hotel, with less food control, so I'm not too worried about losing this week. 


    However, I want to make a public commitment to start losing the weight.  I'd like to do it without it seriously compromising my running, because that feels like losing the forest for the trees.   In the past, even the past few months, I end up lightheaded and exhausted a lot when trying to lose weight.


    I have felt like it is harder for me than most, but I don't want to focus on that because it's being whiny and results are what matter.  The person who really wants to do something finds a way, the other finds an excuse.


    I've been measuring and writing down everything I eat, and avoiding processed foods, but I'm going to switch to logging it on SparkPeople so I have actual numbers.  Maybe  I will be shocked. 


    Any words of advice or encouragement appreciated.

      Heather, you go for it and good for you.  To me it sounds like you really have a healthy outlook and approach to the whole thing.  For me personally, the #1 thing that has helped me to drop weight is exactly what you are planning to do:  record everything & do the math.  I also really like this that you wrote and I find it motivational:  "The person who really wants to do something finds a way, the other finds an excuse."

      - Joe

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        great post.  wow.  if you can lose 25 certainly I can lose 15 in that time frame. 


        anyone who can complete a 42 mile run has a hell of a lot of stubborness.  I mean that as a compliment.  It's a skill that will help you toward your goal. 




        Fall 1/4 is about to start in this group:


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          you're the same height as me, but I'm old...er.


          It may be helpful to know that the more you run, the more your body will only want healthy food. 


          If you try to eat protein with every meal, especially lunch, you'll find cravings for sugar and junk will completely disappear.


          One thing I've done before is to say regardless of how much junk I eat today, I'm still going to run.  Firstly it limits the junk you do eat because you can't eat it and then run, and then after you've run you feel so great that you don't want to load up on more junk food.  The alternative is a cycle of eating junk and working none of it off.  Then repeating the next day.  OK maybe this is just me.


          Don't forget to do toning exercises for your upper and lower body, including lunges and stuff.  There's really no point being 130lb if you're all jiggly, as you'll be inspired to get to 125 when all you need to do is tone up.  Running doesn't tone your butt, outer thighs and arms, so even if you were running 60 miles per week it's good to get into the habit of working those areas specifically. 


          Spark is really good, I've used that before.  I sometimes use it to count calories, mostly to get an understanding of the calorie values of the food I'm eating to make better choices, and stay on track.  It's great to be in those 'less than 5lb to lose' and then 'at weight and maintaining' groups.


          I think you have a great idea, this forum needs a goal section where people can state a goal, work towards it, and encourage eachother. 


          Good luck!


            You go and keep us posted.  I would like to lose just 10 pounds and I can't seem to get there.  You can do it and be an inspiration to us all.  Smile

              holy crap you run a lot, 4200 calories burned in one day!?!  You're going to have trouble getting your weight UP to 130lb at that rate.


                holy crap you run a lot, 4200 calories burned in one day!?!  You're going to have trouble getting your weight UP to 130lb at that rate.


                Thanks.  However, trouble keeping my weight up has never been my problem and this mileage certainly isn't new to me.  (Though that specific run isn't the norm but more a chance to do something fun.  I do love to run!)


                  Thank you everyone for the support!!!


                    You're doing great!  Hang in there and keep going.  It's easy to feel disspirited when you're in the middle of things, but just step back for a second and think about what you've already achieved!  That takes guts and determination.  Go you!

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                      You seem like someone who definitely has the determination for your goal. :-) Good luck!


                      I'm basically the same height, weight, and age...haha.  Even the same target weight!  I was reading this thinking I typed it in my sleep or something. Until you talked about how much you currently run and...definitely not me. =P  And I've also always thought about how much running might be easier if I could just shed some pounds!  I want to run as fast as I did in high school, except I'm 25 pounds heavier.  Oops.  


                      Oh!  And I'm not sure if this is actually true or not, but maybe get a few body fat measurements over time.  You can calculate that way how many pounds of fat you can safely lose...unless you don't mind slimming down some lean muscle too.  I think I did that once to get a reality check on my ideal weight since you know how harsh BMI charts are. 


                      Keep us all posted!  No pressure, but if you can do it I guess I'll have to try harder. :-) 

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                        Well let's see....one person here plans to lose 25 lbs, another 15 and another 10.  In order to keep the equilibrium, I'll make it my goal to gain 50 pounds by the end of the year....let's call it my "Old Year's Resolution".  I know I can do it...wish me luck! 

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                          Eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day... mostly vegetables.  Watch portion sizes and know what 1 portion should really look like on the type of food you are eating.  You say you are eating less processed foods which is awesome!  Weigh yourself once a week on the same day at the same time, same scale and make a chart to see the trend.  


                          Your focus is being healthy so you are definitely in the best frame of mind.   Tracking your food is a great way to keep yourself accountable as well.  


                          I'm cheering for you, Heather!  



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                            Holy crow Heather! You are putting mega miles. 40+ but you are only up to 409 for the year?


                            I suggest that kind of mileage increase is a recipe for injury. At least it would hurt me. Of course I am 60+.


                            I admire your goal, your drive, and your courage to post your goal here. I hope you succeed and I look forward to hear about your progress.


                            I also have a suggestion. My wife has always, and currently, finds it hard to lose weight. The thing that made a difference for her was Weight Watchers. From what I have read in the past, you diet to lose weight and run for fun and general health.


                            I wish you well and hope you reach your goal regardless of the path you take.


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                              Holy crow Heather! You are putting mega miles. 40+ but you are only up to 409 for the year?


                              I suggest that kind of mileage increase is a recipe for injury. At least it would hurt me. Of course I am 60+.


                               July 65.7 miles. 343.8 miles in August. I am sure she just did not log her miles here. Smile

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                                Down to 150.  Smile


                                Amazing because I've been eating way MORE, not less- eating out a lot (last night had a girl's night out and had margaritas and a restaurant meal), and just eating tons.  But I'll take it if my body wants to give it!



                                5 down, 20 more to go.