Anyone Use Adidas Adios 3? (Read 38 times)

    Anyone else here use the Adidas Adios 3? Am 6' 4" between 220/225 lbs. and started running last year and tried the Adidas Boston 6 early on last winter but they was not enough of support and went to the Adidas Ultra Boost 4 which I still use for long & easy runs (training just for 5K race distances and average between 15 and 20 mpw). Ended up doing 14 races using the Adidas Tempo 9 which are listed as a very low stability shoe (which I did not need) but those worked great.


    My run cadence started to get between 165 and 170 during races and found a pair of Adios 3 on Ebay & when I got the box in the mail  thought there was only one shoe mailed it was so light and used them for a quick 4 mile run before a 2 mile race the next day and could not believe how great these feel. Feels like if I did anything more than the 4 miles or they might not be to good for me (especially in the heel) but during the training and the actual race it was by far the best shoe I have used. For me they fit perfectly, felt like I have nothing on my feet but yet there is noticeable support in each stride. Again would never use on any long runs but for the 5K distance they seem perfect. Just looking to see if anyone else out there use these and what their experiences were.




      I really enjoy mine as well. I've done workouts at all paces in them, as well as some easy paced running. I have raced 5k and 10k in them and if I run a half this spring will wear the adios in that as well. I have 350 miles on mine and I hope to get another 50-100 more depending on how the outsole continues to wear.

        These are one of the top marathon shoes used by the elites. I love the Adios and never have any issues in them on long runs. Would definitely use them for a marathon. Your overall size might require a bit more shoe.

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          Second that comment, based on your size the Adios might not be the right shoe for you for the longer distances.  Having said that I also love the Adios, I have used them before the intro of the Boost material and after.  It is a great race shoe and I have used it for faster training runs, and race distances up to and including the marathon (but I am 4 inches shorter and 75 lb less).  You might consider using them for races at distances over the 5k, for sure the 10k is probably do-able in them.  It might be a too much to try a half in them but if you have a pretty natural, neutral stride they might work.