My 1st 10 miler! (Read 612 times)

    So I just ran my first 10 miler ever! It feels so good to have run in the double digits. And I even ran it 10 seconds per mile faster than my 9 miler last week. What a great feeling. I was kinda down earlier because I had some crappy short runs earlier int he week and I knew I wouldnt beat last week's mileage, but overall I feel so much better now knowing I can run 10 and it felt so great
      congratulations. Don't let little setbacks get you down. You will be running for the rest of your life, one day or week is just a drop in the bucket.
        Congrats!!! Great accomplishment!


          Really well done! Its a great feeling isn't it! I did it not so long ago and couldn't walk down the stairs the next morning! Whoops!!! Soon over it though and did it again today. Hope you are ok. WB