Search on Safari? (Read 36 times)

    This might totally be user error, but I cannot get the search function to work on Safari on my MacBook. Enter a search keyword, nothing happens. Works great on Chrome, FF etc. Any pointers?

      Huh. I just thought search had been broken for a few years now. But you're right, it works in Chrome. Normally I use Safari.

      Princess Cancer Pants

        Safari here, too. I wondered why it hadn’t worked for me for a long while...

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          Yes. For some reason I never associated it specifically with Safari vs Chrome, but with mobile browser vs laptop browser. Which for me is Safari vs Chrome . There have always been some quirks with RA on my iPad/iPhone. Such as inability to cut/paste - if you cut, it does not let you paste. Need to copy/paste, then delete what was copied. (Unless this one is just me.)