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    I do strength training at a local gym that offers a homeschool class. Younger kiddos have a class and older kids and moms have a class together. There is a 13 year female in my class that started running track and cross country through a local homeschool organization. Her times for the cross country mile this season were around 6 minute miles and her two mile was 14:40 (or close to that) next year she will age up and will start running three mile races. This winter there is no structured program for her but she is wanting to run some 5K's to get used to the distance. She estimates she was running maybe 20 miles a week during her cross country season. I am the only other runner that she and her mom knows well and they were asking me for advice for what she should do and focus on this winter. I don't know if advice should be the same or different based on her age? I never ran as a student, I didn't start running until I was in my 30's and I don't want to stear her wrong.


    1. what does winter base building look like for a 13 year old?

    2. does she need to make adjustments since most of her recent running has been cross country and she will need to start running on the sidewalks around her neighborhood?

    3. what would be a reasonable goal pace for a 5K?? I think she must go out way to fast and that's why she blew up in her 2 mile




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      I know she's homeschooled, but maybe her mom could call a couple of high schools and ask to speak to the coach.  I bet a coach would be happy to give recommendations for the student.  The running community is like that!  Smile


      I think it's important to get advice from someone who can take the girl's age into account.  What she needs to do will be different than someone even a year or two older.  We called a coach when my son was that age and the guy said S was running too much (this coach is one of the best in Maine, so I trusted his advice).


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        At 13 20 to 25 is plenty.

        Pushing kids too soon are just going to cause injury and quitting running.

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          Yeah, I definitely don't know anything about running when you are young, but it just seems like there are different considerations for training if you are 13 vs 37


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            At 13 20 to 25 is plenty.

            Pushing kids too soon are just going to cause injury and quitting running.


            This I absolutely agree with in theory, but at her age I was training as a county gymnast 5/6 days a week. My point being is that I don't feel 5k is too long a distance to train towards. There is also evidence that impact training in childhood/youth produces better bone density in adulthood.


            My worry at this age in females is weight and possible menstruation issues/delays if she is too light.


              what grade is she in now, and---will she be homeschooled in highschool or attend a regular school?


              I am figuring she is in 8th grade now-----and I don't think she is running too much. My oldest son got interested in running at age 11 and started running in road races----in fact his first race was a 5 mile road race, he ran it in basketball shoes!---a few road races later  a highschool coach spotted him . I turns out I had gone to gradeschool with the coach  and he recognized the name. He talked to my son for a bit and invited him to come run at the highschool practices-this was  in 7th and 8th grade.---It was a big help to my son---he would run the highschool practices under supervision and on meet days he was given the job of timing  various splits . Of course he ended up running for that coach in highschool .-----It was all a HUGE help to my son, that highschool program produced the individual state champ  I believe 5 of the 6 years my son was involved with it and the team was placing high in the state meet every year-------just tremendously beneficial for my son to start early and run"over his  head" at an early age.


              If you cant get a highschool connect----maybe something like "girls on the run" can help you?