Garmin 610 for $259 @REI (Read 1066 times)

    Just wanted to give everyone the heads up. REI has the 610 (w/out HRM) for $259.99 now until I believe the 28th. That's a crazy good deal so I felt like I needed to let everyone know, haha. 


    Just picked one up to replace my 210. 

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      It seems I've misplaced my trust 305, had it for 3+ years and can't find it Sad


       Was thinking of using the REI 30% off on the 310XT (not a fan of the touch-screen style Garmins).  The 310XT is $249 and 30% off would bring it down to $175.

       I can also get a 205 from Amazon for $150.  The 205 is a known factor (and I'd be happy with it for the next few years) but are there any advantages to the 310XT that might be worth $25?  Also disadvantages?  I think I read somewhere about the 310XT's band attachment system not being so good and the watch popping off sometimes?  I would never use it swimming but I do like the idea of 'waterproof'.  Thanks for any info.

        You can't use the 30% coupon on GPS watches. If you read the fine print there are a few things you can't, and GPS is one of them. Trust me, I tried getting the 910 that way, but it was a no go so I got the 610 instead. Love it so far.

        Running my way to being a little less fat.

          Doh!  Thanks for pointing out that little detail.  Guess I may be trying to pick up that 205 - kind of a bummer cuz I first had a 205 something like 5 years ago and now I may be back using one.

            You're a bad influence, Montco!  I'm now $259 poorer.


            Actually was thinking of buying up anyway, and had a decent sized dividend sitting there, so I figured why not.   One feature I am looking forward to is the navigation back to start.....I have a tendency to do long runs in new places, and there have been 2 occasions recently where I could have kept my 6 milers from becoming 10 milers.


            I'll offer a user report and comparison to the 210 in a month or so if anyone wants it.

              I bought my first GPS watch after seeing this, I have always resisted the impulse.  Initially I'm not crazy about it, I don't like all the buzzing and vibrating.  I don't like waiting the 10-15 seconds for a satellite before I start running.  I don't like having another gizmo I have to recharge.  It is not accurate when I'm doing runs in the woods which is most of the time.  I've been overriding the distance when I do trail runs.


              I figured out how to turn off the alerts and just make it work like a stop watch.  I like the maps it creates when you upload your data, kind of neat to see where you ran, in the woods.  I like how it automatically uploads your data without any input.  I like the idea I could use it to do tempo runs on the road, I don't look forward to trying to figure out how best to set up the pages for this purpose.  I'm going to try it at an interval workout tomorrow and see if it is helpful at keeping track of my splits.


              I'm going to be spending some time in Colorado and Arizona and running on unfamiliar trails, I wanted the ability to navigate back to my starting point, when I get turned around.  This was the primary purpose of it, I got a bit lost out there once and my 45 min run turned into 80 min.


               My suspicion is I'll get tired of it, and go back to a normal Timex.

                I've been using the 610 for the last 7 months or so and love it.  I also turned off the annoying buzzing pretty much immediately and just have it beep every mile.  I have a page for general running (total time, total distance, and lap pace) and one for intervals/speedwork (lap time, lap distance, lap pace).  It's great to be able to upload your data and analyze your splits and route afterward.  The navigate back to start feature is a lifesaver in case you don't want to run a set route.  I've tried the watch's workout function and it works well but is kind of annoying if you tell it to beep at you when you go outside a pace range.  Accuracy seems pretty good where I run (roads and bike path with light tree cover).  Takes about 30s to a minute to find satellites before a run.  Touch screen is intuitive and feels right when you're out on the road, and it's not that heavy when compared to most GPS watches!

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