How many running shoes (active) in your closet? (Read 194 times)


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    So I had a fellow runner tell me the other day she had three pairs of shoes in her rotation and I was shocked because she used to be a serious marathoner. I did an inventory check of my closet and I had 14 pairs of running shoes. 11 are Brooks and 3 are New Balance. 11 are road, 2 are trail, and 1 cross country.


    So which of us are the odd ball? How many pairs of running shoes do you run in? I don't mean worn out shoes delegated to grass mowing because I would add at least another 4 pair.

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      I'd bet two things.


      1. That the distribution is a bell curve...

      2. She's way closer to the center than you are...



      (you ought to make this a poll...)

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        7 I actually use fairly regularly (5 Saucony, 1 NB, 1 Nike)


        3 I might use occasionally if the mood takes me (1 Mizuno, 1 NB, 1 Hoka)


        3 pairs for races - road (Nike), track (Nike), trail (Salomon).

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        * Net downhill course

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          Currently 2. One road and one trail.


          Even when I was a "serious" runner I rarely had more than about 4 and that included a pair of flats and a pair of spikes.

          Runners run

          Mmmm Bop

            Nike ZoomX Invincible x 2

            Skechers GoRun Ultra

            Hoka Stinson Evo  (these are over 10yo now and still feel great, but look absolutely enormous!)

            Nike React Infinity x 2

            Saucony Endorphin Speed

            NB FuelCell Prism

            Nike cheater shoes


            Total - 9

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              Currently 2. One road and one trail.


              Even when I was a "serious" runner I rarely had more than about 4 and that included a pair of flats and a pair of spikes.


              Same. Now that I'm essentially post-pandemic jogalog maintenance sanity only running retired, I have 1 pair for the road.


              When I was "serious" I had one of each (road, trail, spikes, flats).

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                My number varies.  I classify my shoes as easy/long, speed/strength, race, and trail.  At any time I might have two active pairs of a particular type as one gets old and I start bringing in a new pair.  That puts me in the 4 - 7 range, though usually I'm around 5 active pairs.

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                  Three: 2 rotated for daily training, of any type, and one pair of Vaporflys reserved for racing. I used to wear higher-mileage race shoes for speed workouts, so I’d have 4. Not currently doing that, since I am on my first pair of Vaporflys, and they stopped making my previous race shoe. 

                  I don’t like trying new shoes, unless forced to do so. Since I started running consistently in 2012, I’m on my 23rd pair of Brooks Adrenalines. With one of the releases they changed something that made them not fit properly, but going up a half size fixed it. When I started rotating after a year or two, my second shoe was the Brooks Ravenna. Went through 10 pair of those, but then with one of the releases they started giving me a pain at the top of my foot. I couldn’t wear them anymore, and switched to the Brooks Ghost. I’m on my 16th pair of those. Brooks really ought to be giving me some kind of frequent runner mile rewards. I do live in their HQ city, so conveniently there is a Brooks Outlet store where I can always get discounted older models.



                    I have 17, two pairs will be retired this month. My DW says I have more shoes than she does 

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                      I use my closet for storing new shoes. There are currently 4 pairs there. I keep active shoes in the spare bedroom/gym and there are 12 pairs in there. DH complains about the shoes, I just point to the classic cars in the garage that take up way more space.

                        I currently have 5 pairs in rotation. Since I rarely run more than 5 days a week that gives each pair a whole week to dry out and recover. All my shoes are New Balance since I have wide feet and NB has extra wide sizes with ample toe room.  I would not mine having a few more pairs and maybe set some aside for special conditions or races. Shoes are expensive for those of us on a limited budget, don't think I need 14 pairs!

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                          My equipment log says 13


                          Spikes - 2 pair (I don't need both and haven't used either in 2 years)

                          Flats - 1 pair, never gets used

                          Super Shoes - 1 pair, I do all my races in them

                          Trail - 1 pair

                          Endorphin Speeds (long runs and speedwork) - 4 pair, 1 active 3 new in box

                          Easy runs  - 2 pair

                          Speedwork shoes that got supplanted by the Speeds - 2 pair

                          1600 - 5:23 (2018), 5k - 19:33 (2018), 10k - 41:20 (2021), half - 1:38:57 (2018), Marathon - 3:37:17 (2018)

                            Probably a dozen active shoes

                            Other than race shoes like flats and spikes, I have 4 high use trainers, 1 tempo/fast trainer, and 1 trail shoe that get regular use.





                            SC Trainer



                            MaxRoad 4+

                            RC Elite2




                            Once a month or less:

                            Speed Freek




                            Specialty/Seasonal but used:

                            Air Zoom Victory spikes

                            Victory XC spikes

                            GoMeb Speed6 and 5

                            Minimus Hi Rez


                            Extra pairs waiting their turn:


                            Air Zoom Victory spikes


                            Not used anymore but usable and can't bring myself to get rid of them:

                            Green Silence, red/yellow and blue/blue pairs (both with less than 20-50 miles)



                            "yard shoes" or casual and hiking:


                            Clifton 6


                            Merrel goretex trail runners

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                              Two. Ideally, I like to have three in rotation, but usually it is just two.


                              Wow, some of you have more shoes for running than I have footwear total for all purposes. LOL!

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                                Currently a total of five.

                                Nike Invincible 1: Long Runs of 55 minutes or more.

                                Nike Pegasus 39 and Nike Vomero:  Runs of 25 to 40 minutes (usually on days with doubles)

                                Nike Vaporfly:  Races

                                Nike Lunaracer 3:  Road Intervals, Treadmill Intervals


                                I also have pair of Nike Streaks XC that I've used for some really fast track reps.