Who will be running on the Christmas Holidays? (Running with a Christmas Hat on?) (Read 560 times)


Chief Unicorn Officer

    Yes, I'll be running! I am excited to take advantage of being able to run in the daylight on a weekday.

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      I'll be running Christmas morning, just three miles, no Christmas hat

      Jeff F

      Free Beer

        Yes, I will be running...hope I can find my Santa hat.


          I'll be running on x-mas eve (4 mile easy/recovery) and x-mas day (12x400 intervals, 8 miles total) so long as everything goes according to plan. I allow for the possibility that things won't work out on x-mas day, in which case I'll move Wednesday's rest day to Tuesday and rearrange stuff. But, I hope not to get off schedule, and I think I should be able to get in the run in the afternoon after the present-opening is done and while the kids are setttled in playing with their loot.


          Last year, my husband and I took a favorite route long run on x-mas eve and a medium-long run on NY Day. Those are two of my favorite memories from last year's holidays. He couldn't do the long run with me today (he'll do his tomorrow), but I hope we can get in a long one NY weekend.

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            I don't understand the question.  Don't you run every day?  Christmas is just another day on the calendar, and a good one for a long run since you probably don't have to work.


            On holidays, the only thing that changes about my running is, being that I'm "back home," I get to log miles with my Dad, which is pretty awesome.

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            Emil Zatopek

              I have got absolutely nothing to do on Christmas... so I guess I will at least go for a run. Definitely no hat though.


                No Santa hat but I'll run with Christmas cheer for my scheduled 4 mile run after I've placed the turkey in the oven.

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                A Saucy Wench

                  Really the only question is do I try to get in the run before the kids wake up and start the insanity or run later when I will probably be filled with sweets and bacon and alcohol.


                  I dont have a santa hat.  I have a santa bikini but NOBODY wants to see that.

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                  Queen of Clumsiness

                    This year Xmas day is marked as a  rest day in my  training schedule for the Brighton (UK) marathon. But as I've developed a a tradition of running on Xmas morning  I'll be going out for a short run with my Shanta's hat on and saying 'Merry Christmas' to everyone I run past..

                      I often take Monday off, but I might run today as I had an unscheduled rest day on Saturday. Don't care if I don't, though. I will run on Christmas Day, though, because it's my one-year anniversary with my Garmin. ♥

                      old woman w/hobby

                        Most likely.  No hat.    



                        Just run.

                        Shirtless wonder

                          A hat for the ears, but not a Santa one.  I run holidays or not.  Ijust arrange my schedule so not to interfere with family.Running later today.  But being off today, I thought I wait for temps to rise a little.  Wink


                          Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                            I will try not to be a smart arse but why wouldn't I be running over the holidays ? Given all the extra eating it is even more important to stay active. As for the hat, I always where a hat. It's cold here and cold at home in Vermont. Plus my hair is not what it used to be. I need a hat. Usually a balaclava too. If it is  a holiday I guess I will call it a holiday hat. I am visiting family in Michigan so will be running in the Auburn Hills area for the holidays.

                            Old, Slow, Happy

                              Even though my knee is not working very well, I will be running the Midnight Special 5K in Whitehouse, Ohio on New Year's Eve at 11:45 pm.  Then I will run the Hangover Classic 5K on New Year's Day at 11:45 am in Monclova, Ohio.  I not wear a Santa hat, but I might wear my party hat.  If you're around, come on out and run!!

                              Canadian princess

                                I don't know. Yesterday, I saw someone running in a full Santa outift. He waved and it made me smile. I was on my way to a funeral and not in a very good mood.


                                Merry Christmas, everyone.