Who will be running on the Christmas Holidays? (Running with a Christmas Hat on?) (Read 560 times)


    Did a 6 mile recovery run today but didn't wear a hat.  Not that anyone would have seen because it's like a ghost town out there.  I did see a fox, though.  And, I found a dollar on the ground.  Whoo hoo!  Toll booth money!

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    My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

    A Saucy Wench

      All righty, heading out for a couple before the kids wake up.  After that its all pj's and chocolate.

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        Happy Holidays! I ran 14 on Sunday with reindeer antlers on, because my friend was wearing a Santa hat Smile


        Today I'm running 12 and I think I'll rock the Santa hat!! Smile


          Got my run in but without the Santa hat.  It is cold and rainy here so I wore my new buff instead!  Big grin


          MM #2929

            Hello, I'm new here. Merry Christmas everyone!


            Just ran 10 miles this morning in a goofy looking snowman/clown hat.

              KLD: I also ran that 50k in VA Beach last weekend and remember seeing that woman! She actually beat me! Granted, I did see she was wearing a sign that stated she had run over 100 marathons. But still... not sure I could've run the race in that kind of outfit. I'm SO JEALOUS that you live in VA Beach and have access to those kind of trails all the time! Can't wait to go back and run at First Landing park again. I'm definitely in for the 50k again next year. So much fun!


              I gotta tell you, now that I have found Running, I think I live in one of the perfect spots for it.  The weather is moderated by the Ocean nearby, so it is never "too hot" or "too cold" to run.  I live on the new part of town, so every big new road they build has a separate 6-foot wide running path built alongside it away from the traffic... Alot more running paths out there than even the long runners can cover :-)  And indeed, those trails are great!  It was a race that beat my expectations in a bunch of ways.   I will probably do that race again next year.  (And I think I will wear my santa hat next yr :-)


              Merry Christmas Everyone :-)  My legs have seemingly recovered from yesterday's 15-miler, so I will get out there this afternoon a little bit :-)

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                I ran 5mi in a sleet/rain mix, so the santa hat worked well.

                Merry Christmas


                Fight The Future

                  Finally made it into the More Miles Than Degrees club, with an easy 4 miles at 1 deg F this morning. Went particularly slow because of the ice and also the fact that today I'm also in the More Pounds of Body Weight Gained in 24 Hours Than Degrees club. Y'all have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Brumalia, whatever!

                  Better I Leave

                    I knocked out 3.5 miles just now accompanied by some heavy squats. I also treated myself...I performed a full set of hammer curls for the first time since my bicep surgery...WOOHOO!  Smile


                      18 miles along the beach, half into a mild head wind.  Cool  Kwanzaa starts tomorrow.


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                        7 easy miles with my son on a very crisp Christmas Day afternoon.  Peace on earth, good will to y'all.  Smile

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                          17 miles this morning.  I did not wear a Christmas hat, but I did say Merry Christmas to everyone I passed.  All 2 of them. It was cold and grey and Christmas so not many folks out.

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                            At your suggestion, I wore a Santa hat for my frigid ten-miler this morning.  I didn't mind the extra warmth the had provided, and I heard a guy yell "Santa??" as his companion chuckled. Smile


                            Merry Christmas!

                            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

                            Chasing the bus

                              Today was the first in a long time that wasn't  more miles than degrees. 4 miles @ 21F, through snowy streets in my Santa hat, wishing merry Christmas to anyone who looked up. Lots of folks on the street today.


                              Merry Christmas to you all on RA!


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