See map when first entering an uploaded run? (Read 161 times)


    Quite often, I get a little lazy and upload a dozen or so runs to RA from my Garmin without actually making the entries for them.  Then I go to make the entries and I can't remember which run was which.  When doing this, it is extremely helpful to my memory to be able to see a map of the run.  When I can see that 11 miles loop was around Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, I can remember a bunch of other things about it and enter it properly.  


    However since I can't do this currently until AFTER I've saved the entry, what I end up doing is  writing in the notes something like, "I think this was around the lake".  Then I save it, go to the calendar, edit it and look at the map to finish it up.


    Do you think you could make such maps available during initial entry?  Like a putting a "map" tab there too (when one is available)?  It would be quite helpful.