Do 20 mile runs ever get easier? (Read 2282 times)

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    Correct.  Higdon Int 2.


    So most of the point of that set up  is to make your 20 mile runs feel more like the LAST 20 not the first 20.   Remind yourself when you think "oh boy how will I do 6 more"  


    Keep on keeping on.  You are at the part of the training program where you are kinda supposed to feel like crap most of the time.  Especially the first time around

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      Correct.  Higdon Int 2.


      That context is very useful.  What Ennay said.

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        Realize that there is a huge difference in a 20 mile training run and doing a marathon (taper, mentally, fueling, hydration, ect). I agree with most that with a more substantial base they do get easiER, but also remember that you logged a fast 10 mile pace run the day before so you are already working on tired legs. There probably is alot of benefit to following up your 10 mile pace run with a 14-16 mile run the next day but constantly pushing 40% of your weekly volume on 1 run will not leave you healthy at the starting line.

        Its great that you have some one to go on the long runs with and you may want to consider ending with them rather than alone. Mentally it will be easier.

        +1. They do get easier but it comes with time. They will never be super easy as they are 20 milers! Plus you will pickup the pace to challenge yourself. So as others have said they get easier but never truly easy. However, when you can finish strong (negative split) it does become more fun!

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