treadmill running and Forerunner 45S (Read 31 times)


    Anyone else having issues with pacing?  My watch alerts me that I'm running too fast, usually 1.5 minutes faster than what the TM says.  I've been in contact with Garmin.  We tried to correct it several times but that didn't work so they sent me a new watch and still the same issues.


      On my garmin you can calibrate it after a few runs on the treadmill and it will get better at estimating how fast you are running.


      Though be careful because if you do a faster run it might calibrate to that too.  I did a 5K time trial on the treadmill on Sunday and then when I ran today it was clocking my miles at 7:15 per mile when I was running closer to 8:00.  Calibrating it could help if your forerunner has that feature.


      You could also look at something liek this that links to the Garmin