San Fransico Marathon (Read 1030 times)

    Things that don't go together....


    Oil & water

    Cats & dogs

    BCR and 'don't sweat it'



    Runners run.

      These are low clouds:


      Low clouds


      So, basically, they're clouds.  Only low.  Not high. 


      It could be a warm day on the 29th; they do happen from time to time.  But I don't know what Accuweather is using to predict that now; others have different forecasts (okay, the one place I looked, and that link from Ilene).  Anything in the 80s puts news vans out in the street asking people if they're excited about the weather.  Also, for any forecasted high temp in SF, keep in mind that we don't usually reach them until 3 pm, an only in full sun.  On what turns out to be a warm summer day, you've still got those low clouds almost all morning, and even longer in some neighborhoods.  I'd be surprised if you saw the sun before Mile 19, maybe 20, based on your start time, race time, and likely weather.  That's just summertime here.  I've run the SF Half Marathon (which happens on Super Bowl weekend) in much, much warmer weather than I ran the SF Marathon. 


         I am a crazy person who is running this all the way from South Carolina for my first marathon!!! I am so excited. The tapering is killing me however. What is everyone doing on Saturday? I am scared to do to much. Need suggestions on things to do to keep off my feet.

        Okay what all crazy people are going to this?  Come on people I know we have some people running in this.  I am running the full and after looking at the elevation I'm a little worried about being able to crack 3:30 at this marathon.  I'm very excited about the cool weather of SF since it has been between 105 - 90 here lately with humidity. 


        I ran what I thought was a hilly course the other day but after looking at the elevation chart for SF I think I need to do better.  Do those who have run it have any tips? 


        Also anyone know a website where you can get total elevation change for marathons.  I think this is a little more important then the net gain/net loss you get most of the time. 




          Saturday, just going to the expo, buying all the running stuff I could possibly want (retail therapy) a few light miles to jog to loosen up the legs, then finding a nice pasta place for dinner and a early bedtime. 


          Running is stupid