Decimals in interval times (Read 883 times)

    Hi, I've been adding some forgotten workouts into my log, including a speed workout on the track. It seemed that I wasn't able to enter "74" for my 400 split; the entry wanted instead 1:14 before the "Add" button became active. OK, but then when I went to add 34.7 for my 200, the button stayed grayed out; I had to just make it "0:35". I know that three years from now the difference between 34.7 and 35 won't matter, but it's nice to see tenths on a track workout now so I know how much I was disintegrating as the workout wore on --- 0.5 s in a 200 can mean a lot! Maybe I was just being stupid, but I concluded at the time that I could only enter times in the m:ss format. Can't say enoug, though --- great site! -tm35
      Okay, you made a good case. I've added your request to my list of things to do. eric Smile