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Feeling the growl again

    Thanks all. Looks like I've got some work to do, but ehealthinsurance.com looks like a good starting place. Fortunately, no pre-existing conditions we're aware of.


    Yup, when I needed a short-term catastrophic policy to cover me during my second grad school stint, I believe that's where I ended up going.  It was pretty simple.


    I second what Walt said about investigating ANY possible pooling options for the self-employed.  Health insurance is a risk-pooling game, and when you are a pool of 1 (or 2) you are hosed.


    The whole insurance and billing system is a sham....IMHO the lack of transparency in cost is one of the major problems we have...but I don't see it changing.

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      Well maybe I'll just give up and move to Canada... oh wait.

        Visit your chamber of commerce at the place where you will be moving. They WILL have all the answers for you, the local answers are the best!


        You may need a tequila or two as your read over the healthcare policies!


        Good luck! and welcome to the upcoming Obama care!!! BTW, it was great seeing you at Boston1

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          But I recommend you just subcontract all your insurance wrangling out to Ennay.


          That will be at the low low price of $10000 per minute or any part therof

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